Our Goal, Our Mission, Our Hope, Our Plan

Our goal is prosperity through public education for Oklahoma and all Oklahomans.

Our mission is to bring sharp focus and attention to the lack of funding for public education in Oklahoma, which is caused by the continued problematic, persistent reduction in state revenues.

Our hope is to achieve prosperity for Oklahoma and Oklahomans through appropriate funding for all public schools, colleges, and universities and to achieve a state budget that is sufficient to meet the needs of the people.

Our plan is to visit the Oklahoma Capitol Building en masse on the morning of March 12th 2018, to have a rally in Capitol Park on the steps of the Capitol Building.  Following the rally we will move into the Capitol Building itself where we will conduct a sit-in.  It is the intent of the sit-in to remain in the Capitol Building until the Legislature passes a bill to adequately fund public schools, through an increase in state revenues and other measures, or until removed by Capitol Security or other proper authorities.  Further, it is our plan to return to the Capitol each day of spring break for the same purpose and with the same plan.

Our belief is that after several years of reduced state revenue and reduced funding of most state agencies, the fat has been cut out of the budget and a good bit of flesh as well.  As an example, we need only look to state funding for public education which has been cut by over one billion dollars ($1,000,000,000) during the past decade.  It is time we, the people, make a stand.

Further, our belief is that if our state Governor and legislature truly want Oklahoma to progress in economic terms, then we must invest in and promote education, educators and students.  The only way to do this is to invest in education.  We must reduce class sizes.  This is the one measure by which the vast majority of studies show we can improve education outcomes for our students.  This cannot be done without investing in public education.

A portion of the funds donated to the organization will be used as bail money to bail out any participants who are arrested during the official sit-in.  Other funds will be used for organizational purposes and to pay for advertising, promotion, travel and other expenses.  No one will be on the payroll of the organization.  Any funds remaining will be donated to tax-exempt organizations.

The organization will be:

Sharply focused  on education;

Totally transparent  in funds/funding, intent &  purpose;

Tightly scripted  to stay on message and;

Closely observed  at all levels.